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Latest news archive

Items from July to December 2011 appear on this page

Items from previous years have been archived, but can still be accessed by clicking the links below:
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Our last moth report for 2011 came from Tony Mainwood, who recorded 2 MottMottled Umber (T Mainwood)led Umber at Golspie.

Thanks to Tony for the record and photo.


Janet Borwick and her grand-daughter Caitlin ran a moth trap at Glenborrodale tonight and recorded Northern Winter Moth (left), Spruce Carpet (centre), Autumnal Carpet (see entry 04/11/2011) and Mottled Umber (right).

Thanks to Caitlin for the photos.

  Mottled Umber (Caitlin Borwick)Spruce Carpet (Caitlin Borwick)Northern Winter Moth (Caitlin Borwick)
16/11/2011 Dean MacAskill reports a Red Admiral and Peacock in his garden at Achavandra Muir, by Dornoch, today. He said that by mid-day the temperature felt quite warm.
14/11/2011 Bob and Audrey Turner recorded a Red Admiral at the end of the public road in Findhorn Valley, NH 711 180. Janette Borwick also saw one in warm sunshine in her garden at Glenborrodale, Ardnamurchan.
12/11/2011 Another Red Admiral in an Inverness garden this morning (while at the rear there was a Fieldfare feeding on fallen apples!)
11/11/2011 Ewan Munro had a quick glimpse of a butterfly in his Inverness garden today, which he thinks was probably a Red Admiral.
07/11/2011 Rusty-dot Pearl (John Kemp)Thanks to John Kemp for reporting this Rusty-dot Pearl Udea ferrugalis, trapped on Benbecula today. John suggests persistent southerly winds led to its appearance there.
04/11/2011 At Glenborrodale, Ardnamurchan, Janette Borwick set her moth trap at the mouth of a poly-tunnel and found quite a lot of Feathered Thorns (below right), Autumnal Moths (below, middle), November Moths and Spruce Carpets. There was also a December Moth (below left).
  Feathered Thorn (J Borwick)Autumnal Moth (J Borwick)December Moth (J Borwick)

Red AdmiralThanks to Stuart Benn for reporting seeing 2 Red Admirals today at Beechwood Farm, Inshes, Inverness (NH696449). These were the first that Stuart had seen in Highland this year.

Another Peacock, this time in a garden in Inverness, 09.30, overcast, 13 - 14 degrees C.

29/10/2011 Peacock butterfly near shore east of Findhorn, midday, sunny, strong southerly wind.

Brian Neath was surprised to find a Speckled Wood on the wall of his house at Dornie this morning, 8 days later than his previous latest date.

Brian also had the first Feathered Thorn in his light trap last night, 11/10/2011 (see October moths of the month).


Death's Head Hawkmoth (Cherry Fairlie)Thanks to Cherry Fairlie for reporting this Death's Head Hawkmoth, seen in the car park by Johnston Carmichael, South Street, Elgin, this morning.

Mike Taylor, County Moth Recorder for Moray, says "This is a first for Moray (VC95) and according to the ‘Moths Count’ maps only the fourth for mainland Highland and NE Scotland since 2000.


August Thorn (Nigel Richards)An exciting find at Kildary, Easter Ross: an August Thorn. This is a first for VC 106, and a species that normally only just gets into SW Scotland. Perhaps a product of strong southerly winds in recent days? Thanks to Nigel Richards for sharing the record and photo.

Cycling around Culbin Forest, via Binsness and Buckie Loch, Bill Slater counted 3 faded and one fresh looking Speckled Wood, 8 Peacock, 1 Scotch Argus (Buckie Loch) and 1 male Common Blue, the latter at NH 996 644 (pictured).

Common Blue, male (B Slater)He also noticed a Bordered White caterpillar dangling by its thread from a conifer branch. A closer look revealed that it was being attacked by an ant.



Bordered White caterpillar (B Slater)

26/09/2011 Brian Neath reports there are still 3 Scotch Argus on the transect, plus 7 Peacock and 4 Speckled Wood. His transect work is now completed for another season.
24/09/2011 Dusky-lemon Sallow (Nigel Richards)Nigel Richards caught this Dusky-lemon Sallow in his garden moth trap at Kildary - which could be only the second one recorded for VC106.

Having missed the last two weeks on his Carr Brae (Dornie) butterfly transect, Brian Neath found today's weather was much better than forecast, and recorded 11 Scotch Argus even though it was the latest date on which he had recorded this species. Otherwise just 3 Speckled Wood and 2 Peacock.

Brian had a record count of 144 Scotch Argus on the transect on 22nd August despite it being a poor season for most butterfly species. Previous highest peak counts were 97 on 3rd August 2006 and 84 on 13th August 2009.

Brian's transect is only about a kilometre in length so he is literally wading through them when they are in such numbers!

04/09/2011 At Findhorn today, Audrey Turner saw 4 Small Coppers, a Peacock, a Small Heath, 3 Speckled Wood and 2 Green-veined White.

Painted Lady (B Slater)This Painted Lady appeared in an Inverness (Scorguie) garden today, along with 2 Speckled Woods and a Small Tortoiseshell.

Audrey Turner also saw a Painted Lady at Kinrara estate on the path up to the Waterloo Cairn and Duke of Gordons memorial, grid ref NH867081. She reported a couple of Scotch Argus nearby, adding that there hadn't been as many Scotch Argus about in the last couple of weeks, probably due to the weather.

23/08/2011 Fox Moth caterpillar (Nigel Richards)Thanks to Nigel Richards for this photo of a Fox Moth caterpillar, taken on moorland near Ardross, Easter Ross, today.
21/08/2011 Small Copper at Culbin Forest (J Botterill)James Botterill reports that in the space of one mile from the Cloddy Moss carpark (at Culbin Forest) there was a huge amount of butterfly activity in the pathside scrub. He observed several Small Tortoiseshell, a huge number of Scotch Argus, many blues both common and small, a good collection of Peacocks and 2 or 3 Red Admirals. His most exciting find was a Small Copper, the first he had seen or photographed at Culbin.
20/08/2011 Thanks to Martin Hind for his record of a Painted Lady, on white clover along the edge of a field at Muir of Tarradale, Easter Ross.
18/08/2011 Speckled Wood at Portmahomack (K Birch)Ken Birks photographed this Speckled Wood, which flew into his porch at Portmahomack today. This is the first that Ken had seen in the area.

Peacock butterfly (J Botterill)At Culbin Forest, on the way to the Gut, James Botterill observed a good display of blues and Scotch Argus, and also a large number of Peacocks.

In wooded areas to the north of the Bin of Cullen, including Crannoch Hill, Scotch Argus, once abundant in August, now appear absent. However there are still some to be found in the railway cuttings between Cullen and Portknockie. George Mair reported 5 just east of Cruats Farm, NJ 494 680.Scotch Argus (B Slater)

01/08/2011 Bordered Grey, South Uist (J Kemp)A population of Bordered Greys on South Uist was confirmed when six were trapped on 1st August (J Kemp).
28/07/2011 Bedstraw Hawk-moth, S Uist (J Kemp)Thanks to John Kemp for this photo of a Bedstraw Hawk-moth, recorded on South Uist today.
27/07/2011 Marbled Beauties (E Munro)Ewan Munro reports 2 Marbled Beauties (opposite) and a Magpie Moth caught in his lightrap in his Inverness garden.
22/07/2011 On a recent visit to Culbin Forest, Moray, James Botterill photographed (from left to right) a Northern Eggar and Wood Tiger. He reported that Common Blues were out in force, and also took these photos of a male and female.
  Common Blue female (J Botterill)Common Blue male (J Botterill)Wood Tiger moth (J Botterill)Northern Eggar (J Botterill)

Garden Tiger moth (J Wilde)Fergus McKinnon reports a Garden Tiger moth in his garden at Culbokie on the Black Isle.

Thanks to Julie Wilde for the use of the photo.


Drinker moth eggsFrom Duror in Appin, Corrine Allward reports 5 Common Blues and 1 Speckled Wood. She also had a glimpse of 2 Fritillaries but was unable to identify them positively. Although perhaps too late for Marsh Fritillary, Corrine says they occur at nearby Cuil Bay.

Corrine also sent a photo of a cluster of Drinker moth eggs, taken on 14th July (opposite).


Daer Green Fritillary (J Borwick)On the Caledonian Canal banks between Inverness and Dochagarroch, beween 12:00 and 13:30, the following were seen: 7 Meadow Browns, 4 Ringlets, 3 Speckled Woods, 1 Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary (NH 638 412) , 1 Small Tortoiseshell, 2 Common Blues, 2 Green-veined Whites.

Thanks to Janette Borwick for this fine image of a Dark Green Fritillary, taken at Glen Borrodale today. She also saw some Speckled Woods.


Caledonian CanalJimmy McKellar reports Ringlets all along the Caledonian Canal (opposite) from Inverness to Dochgarroch.

Behind the shingle bar east of Findhorn, towards the dunes, the following were seen: 11 Common Blues (mostly males), 6 Small Heaths, 4 Meadow Browns, 1 very fresh Small Tortoiseshell, 1 Shaded Broad-bar, and 3 Six-spot Burnets.

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