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Latest news archive

Items from January to June 2012 appear on this page

Items from previous years have been archived, but can still be accessed by clicking the links below:
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Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary (D MacAskill)This evening, Dean MacAskill counted 43 Small Blues during a walk through the dunes at Dornoch, and was delighted to see this freshly emerged Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary in his garden (a first for his garden at Achavandra Muir, nr Dornoch).

24/06/2012 Six-spot Burnet (A Turner)Audrey and Bob Turner visited Littleferry near Golspie today and saw literally hundreds of Six-spot Burnet Moths. Some were on the wing, most sitting on vegetation as it was a dull day, and also loads of pupae as well. They also saw 3 Common Blue butterflies.

Satin Lutestring (B Neath)From Dornie, nr Kyle of Lochalsh, Brian Neath reports a catch of 113 moths of 36 species today included a second record of Satin Lutestring (opposite) for VC105.

Brian adds that despite the good weather experienced in the west it has still been disappointing for butterflies. So to see 40 butterflies of 7 species at Avernish on 25th June was a rare treat. These included Green-veined White, Common Blue (14), Small Tortoiseshell, Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary, Speckled Wood (16), Meadow Brown and Small Heath. Common Blue seems to be one species that is having a good season. The number of Speckled Woods was surprising as he hadn't seen many on Carr Brae so far this year.

12/06/2012 Loxostege sticticalis (Dean MacAskill)Dean MacAskill caught this moth in his garden this evening, flying across the lawn. It turns out to be Loxostege sticticalis, a scarce migrant Crambid. (Location, Achavandra Muir, nr Dornoch, SE Sutherland)
11/06/2012 George Mair reports a single Common Blue (male) at Portknockie - NJ 491 687

Pebble Hook-tip (J Borwick)Miller (J Borwick)Janette Borwick reports a good catch in her moth trap at Glen Borrodale, Ardnamurchan, as the weather was fine and warm.

There were over forty kinds, mostly in twos and threes, though there were large numbers of Clouded Borders, Common Marbled Carpets, Peacock Moths and Brimstone Moths.

The moths illustrated are the Miller (L) and Pebble Hook-tip. (R)


Thanks to Dean MacAskill for this report from SE Sutherland: 3 Small Heath and 1 Small Blue at Dornoch dunes today.

Silver Hook (J Kemp)John Kemp had a pleasant surprise today when he found this Silver Hook in his trap on South Uist - the second for VC110.


Sweet Gale Moth (Dr C MacLeod)Thanks to Dr Catherine MacLeod for this photo of a Sweet Gale Moth taken at Portknockie today. Roy Leverton comments that it has been recorded on the Banffshire coast, but he has only found the caterpillars, never the adult. Portknockie is a new site.

Catherine also reports an increase in the number of Small Blues there (see entries dated 23rd and 24th May).


Brian Neath reports from Dornie that after the dearth of moths during April and the first half of May it was something of a shock to have 220 moths of 55 species attracted to the Robinson trap on 27th May.

Small Phoenix (23) and Knot Grass (19) were the most numerous, but the highlights were another Swallow Prominent, Clouded Silver, Poplar Lutestring, Coronet, 2 Light Knot Grass, 2 Saxon, 4 Yellow-ringed Carpet and 6 Scorched Wing.

Brian's garden on Carr Brae, Dornie is still the only known site for Scorched Wing in the whole of West Ross but 6 is the highest count that he has had so far. Perhaps they are getting ready to advance northwards!

Butterflies are still generally thin on the ground except for Green-veined White but Brian did have his first 7 Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary and 9 Small Heath on his transect on 28th May.

The Pearl-bordered Fritillary's flight period coincided with cold damp weather and the most Brian saw was 5 on 20th May.

25/05/2012 Nigel Richards reports a nice selection of moths over the last couple of days up in Scotsburn Forest and at Kildary, including these (L - R) White Ermine, Dark Brocade and Narrow-winged Pug.
  Narrow-winged Pug (N Richards)Dark Brocade (N Richards)White Ermine (N Richards)
24/05/2012 At 6 pm today George Mair counted 5 Small Blues in the roost at NJ 491 687 (Portknockie).
23/05/2012 Small Blue (B Slater)George Mair recorded a single Small Blue at a known site at Portknockie
(NJ 491 687).
20/05/2012 Barbara Brodie reports 3 Dingy Skipper at Ardersier Common today.Dingy Skipper at Arderiser Common (B Brodie)
18/05/2012 Clouded Border (C Allward)Thanks to Corrine Allward for sending this photo of a Clouded Border, taken in the woods at Duror, Argyll.
12/05/2012 White Ermine (Janette Borwick)Janette Borwick had 10 different moth species in her trap at Glen Borrodale this morning. Peppered Moth, Scalloped Hazel and White Ermine (opposite) made their first appearances this year.
03/05/2012 Thanks to James Hammond for the following records: on the road from NJ 158 698 to NJ 159 693, a Green-veined White, 2 Large Whites and 3 Peacock butterflies. Also,a female Small Copper on dandelion at NJ 160 700.

Satyr Pug (J Kemp)Tonight John Kemp a trapped a few moths on Eriskay and the south end of South Uist, with 4 Grey Scalloped Bars, 2 Puss Moths, 3 Fox Moths, 7 Brown Silver-lines and Satyr Pug (right) amongst the selection.

Back on the mainland, James Hammond recorded 2 male Orange Tip, 5 Speckled Wood, 3 Peacock butterflies, 2 Incurvaria pectinea, 2 Brindled Beauties, and one male Kentish Glory flying around the Wellhill carpark at Culbin Forest.


Swallow Prominent (B Neath)An exciting find in Brian Neath's Robinson trap at Dornie this morning - a Swallow Prominent. It was only Brian's 4th record. There are only 12 records in the VC105 database with dates ranging from 29th May to 22nd August so this was an extremely early individual.

The catch also included 3 Scarce Prominent, the first time Brian had recorded more than a single individual, and two Lesser Swallow Prominent. A Powdered Quaker was his first since 2007.


Early Thorn (Janette Borwick)Lesser Swallow Prominent (Janette Borwick)Janette Borwick, writing from Ardnamurchan, reports that not much has been happening there during the recent cold spell, but more moths are beginning to fly again.

Janette has been trapping on Friday nights for the Garden Moths Scheme, and found this Lesser Swallow Prominent in her trap tonight.

Thanks to Janette for the photos, which include one of an Early Thorn, also caught tonight.

18/04/2012 John Kemp reports an extremely early Hummingbird Hawkmoth visiting daffodils in his garden on South Uist. Conditions sunny and quite warm in sheltered parts of the garden.
16/04/2012 In a sheltered spot on the outskirts of Inverness Barbara Brodie recorded 2 male Orange Tips, 3 Green-veined Whites, 2 Small Tortoiseshells and a Peacock.

Nut-tree Tussock (Nigel Richards)Nigel Richards had this very early Nut-tree Tussock in his trap at Kildary - its appearance much earlier than last year.


  Lead-coloured Drab (M Harvey)At the Kiltarlity site mentioned in entry dated 28/03/2012, Malcolm Harvey and Tony Mainwood caught a Lead-coloured Drab (opposite), a new record for the area.
29/03/2012 Kentish Glory (P Stronach)Peter Stronach had this Kentish Glory in his garden moth trap, near Dulnain Bridge, this morning.

Brian Neath had two more additions to the March checklist at Dornie tonight - Yellow-barred Brindle and Scarce Prominent as well as two more Early Thorn.

At Kiltarlity, near Inverness, Malcolm Harvey caught 5 very early Grey Birches. Malcolm added that a lot more Small Quakers have been trapped compared to last year.

27/03/2012 An Early Thorn recorded at Brian Neath's windows (Dornie) tonight. This is another first for March making 5 additions to his March checklist along with Autumn Green Carpet and Lunar Marbled Brown (both seen on 25th), Pine Beauty and Brindled Ochre.
26/03/2012 Janette Borwick reports 3 Peacock and 1 Small Copper at Glenborrodale today.
25/03/2012 2 Peacocks in Brian Neath's garden at Dornie today. There were fewer about last autumn compared with the 3 previous years.

Brian reports a Water Carpet and a Pine Beauty at the windows, Dornie. Also a Peacock butterfly near Killilan, and 2 at Carr Brae, Dornie.

Janette Borwick, at Glenborrodale, counted over 260 moths in and around the trap with twenty different species plus some she couldn't identify. This latest trap had the first Pine Beauty.

Janette's images, l - r: Pine Beauty, Twin-spotted Quaker, Oak Beauty.

  Oak Beauty (J Borwick)Twin-spotted QuakerPine Beauty (J Borwick)

Audrey saw a further 2 Orange Underwings today in Craigellachie NNR, Aviemore, grid ref NH8812.

Brian Neath, at Dornie, counted 205 moths of 14 species attracted to the Robinson trap - a higher count than he had during the whole of 2011! The catch included 108 of the 3 common Orthosia species but also good counts of 8 Early Tooth-striped , 13 Yellow Horned, 20 Mottled Grey, 15 Double-striped Pug, 12 Brindled Pug, 7 Red Chestnut, 5 Dotted Border, 5 Engrailed and 4 Small Quaker.


peacockwingJimmy McKellar saw a Peacock butterfly in his garden in Inverness. Brian Neath also reported a Peacock at Balmacara.

Audrey Turner saw her first two butterflies of the year, both Small Tortoiseshells. One was in Advie, grid ref NJ1234, the other was on the edge of Milton Wood, Aviemore, grid ref NH8913.

Audrey also saw an Orange Underwing moth in Milton Wood, same grid ref.

21/03/2012 Pete Moore reports seeing a Peacock in Nairn today.
19/03/2012 First Peacock butterfly seen at Glenborrodale today - reported by Janette Borwick.
18/03/2012 Small Tortoisehell wing sectionDean MacAskill reports a Small Tortoiseshell in his garden at Achavandra Muir, Dornoch, today.
  Brindled Ochre (Brian Neath)This Brindled Ochre was attracted to Brian Neath's windows at Dornie tonight. It has a more prominent dark band and two creamy spots which Brian hadn't seen on any previous specimens. It was his first March record of the species, all previous records of spring females being in April.
14/03/2012 Brindled Pug (B Slater)This Brindled Pug was found resting in an Inverness garden (near Craig Phadric) today. Grid ref NH 646 461.

Brian recorded a Water Carpet at Dornie tonight, his earliest record by 2 weeks.


Brian Neath reports a good catch tonight with 40 moths of 9 species attracted to the Robinson trap:

20 Yellow Horned, a record count for the garden and Common Quaker, Hebrew Character and Early Grey were firsts for the year. A 10th species (Engrailed) was attracted to the windows. Tonight the first Red-green Carpet came to the windows bringing the year's total up to 15 species.

10/03/2012 Tonight, Brian recorded an early Brindled Pug, again attracted to the windows and like the Engrailed the previous night, recorded earlier on only one occasion.

Brian Neath, writing from Dornie, reports there are still not a lot of moths about, but he did have an early Engrailed tonight, attracted to the windows and recorded earlier only on one occasion. Mottled Grey is the only common moth so far this year.

At Glenborrodale Janette Borwick counted 74 Oak Beauties in and around the trap tonight.

08/03/2012 Sword-grass (N Richards)Nigel Richards caught this Sword-grass tonight in his trap at Kildary.
02/03/2012 Hebrew Character (J Borwick)Janette Borwick found this rather small, pale-coloured Hebrew Character, along with some Oak Beauties, in her trap at Glenborrodale, Ardnamurchan.
01/03/2012 Acleris hyemana (J Kemp)John Kemp, trapping on South Uist, caught 2 Mottled Grey, the first for VC110, as well as 18 Acleris hyemana (opposite).
26/02/2012 Rannoch Sprawler (Malcolm Harvey)Malcolm Harvey found this Rannoch Sprawler in his light trap at Kiltarlity this morning. In 2011 his first one appeared on 23rd March.

Mottled Grey (Dean MacAskill)Dean MacAskill caught a Mottled Grey (right) and a Red Sword-grass in his light trap Achavandra Muir, Dornoch.


  Early Moth (Nigel Richards)Evidence that the disjunct northern population of Early Moths still survives intact in East Ross - Nigel Richards caught this male in his light trap at Kildary tonight.
23/02/2012 Red_Sword-grass (Janette Borwick)Thanks to Janette for this photo of a Red Sword-grass on a mahonia bush at Glenborrodale, taken tonight.
22/02/2012 Janette Borwick recorded Mottled Greys at Glenborrodale, Ardnamurchan, tonight.
21/02/2012 First butterfly record this year? Martin Hind saw a Small Tortoiseshell today, rescued from his conservatory at Muir of Ord after a warm day.

Janette Borwick has been moth trapping recently at Glenborrodale, Ardnamurchan, and recorded Dotted Borders, Pale Brindled Beauties, Chestnuts (L) and a Spring Usher (R).

Some Micros are also appearing.

Spring Usher (J Borwick)Chestnut (J Borwick)

Brian Neath, writing from Dornie, reports 2 March Moths at the windows tonight. Brian usually expects to see his first around Valentine's Day although in 2011 he had one in January for the first time. One of the March Moths was a strange fawny colour but unfortunately there were no batteries for the camera!

Also a Pale Brindled Beauty and 2 Chestnut. Brian has only tried the Robinson trap once so far (on the 11th) but that produced just 4 Chestnut despite what seemedto be perfect conditions.


Another record from Kildary, this time a March Moth attracted to Nigel's light trap.

12/02/2012 Dotted Border (dark form), N Richards

Thanks to Nigel Richards for this photo of a Dotted Border (dark form), caught tonight in his trap at Kildary, Easter Ross.


Dotted Border (Janette Borwick)

Janette Borwick photographed this Dotted Border at Glenborrodale, Ardnamurchan today.


Tony Mainwood reports 4 Pale Brindled Beauty at Golspie, SE Sutherland.Pale Brindled Beauty (T Mainwood)


On 28th January Nigel Richards reported that Pale Brindled Beauty moths have been coming to his lighted windows at Kildary, Easter Ross, since 21st January.


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