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Dundreggan Forest (Trees for Life), Glen Moriston, Butterflies & Moths - Saturday 20th June

This Highland Branch field trip was held on Dundreggan Forest Estate, owned and managed by Trees for Life. The site operations manager, Doug Gilbert provided invaluable assistance both before and during the event and helped to make this a very enjoyable and productive field trip.

Seven BC members and four from Trees for Life attended the event which started by looking through five moth traps which were set the evening before. Despite some light rain through the night there were a good number of moths and not a few midges with an excellent variety of species so that it was early afternoon before we had finished looking at them. After looking through the traps and having lunch we then went for a short (900m) walk but there was so much to see such as the Strawberry Spider (Araneus alsine) that it still took several hours before we arrived back at the starting point.

Due to the cold conditions that preceded this event moths were in general running late so none of our target species were found and it is assumed that they were not yet on the wing. Nevertheless a considerable species list was produced. Due in large part to a lack of sunshine just three butterfly species, Green-veined White, Small Heath and Common Blue were seen but we did see seventy six species of moth. Highlights included the second VC96 record for Marbled Brown, a Green silver-lines and an impressive 47 White Ermines including several of the dark buff form. The full moth list is shown below.

Mike Taylor

Below left - Small Argent & Sable.  Below Right - White Ermine.

Small Argent & Sable  White Ermine

 Rustic Shoulder-knot Left - Rustic Shoulder-knot.  All photos by Mike Taylor

Taxon Vernacular Taxon Vernacular
Hepialus fusconebulosa Map-winged Swift Opostega salaciella
Cossus cossus Goat Moth (Larval holes) Anthophila fabriciana Nettle-tap
Argyresthia arceuthina   Coleophora otidipennella Wood-rush Case-bearer
Carpatolechia proximella   Neofaculta ericetella Heather Groundling
Scrobipalpa acuminatella Pointed Groundling Cochylis nana
Syndemis musculana   Celypha lacunana  
Bactra lancealana Rush Marble Epinotia tetraquetrana Square-barred Bell
Chrysoteuchia culmella Garden Grass-veneer Crambus lathoniellus  
Scoparia pyralella   Scoparia ambigualis  
Opsibotys fuscalis   Macrothylacia rubi Fox Moth
Drepana falcataria Pebble Hook-tip Tetheella fluctuosa Satin Lutestring
Scopula ternata Smoky Wave Xanthorhoe designata Flame Carpet
Xanthorhoe spadicearia Red Twin-spot Carpet Xanthorhoe montanata Silver-ground Carpet
Epirrhoe tristata Small Argent and Sable Camptogramma bilineata Yellow Shell
Ecliptopera silaceata Small Phoenix Chloroclysta siterata Red-green Carpet
Thera obeliscata Grey Pine Carpet Thera britannica Spruce Carpet
Electrophaes corylata Broken-barred Carpet Perizoma flavofasciata Sandy Carpet
Eupithecia pulchellata Foxglove Pug Eupithecia intricata millieraria Edinburgh pug
Eupithecia vulgata Common Pug Eupithecia subfuscata Grey Pug
Eupithecia nanata Narrow-winged Pug - 39 Eupithecia lariciata Larch Pug
Macaria notata Peacock Moth Macaria liturata Tawny-barred Angle
Petrophora chlorosata Brown Silver-line Plagodis dolabraria Scorched Wing
Opisthograptis luteolata Brimstone Moth Biston betularia Peppered Moth
Ematurga atomaria Common Heath Bupalus piniaria Bordered White
Laothoe populi Poplar Hawk-moth Phalera bucephala Buff-tip
Notodonta ziczac Pebble Prominent Pterostoma palpina Pale Prominent
Drymonia dodonaea Marbled Brown Cybosia mesomella Four-dotted Footman
Spilosoma lubricipeda White Ermine Agrotis exclamationis Heart and Dart
Ochropleura plecta Flame Shoulder Diarsia rubi Small Square-spot
Hada plebeja Shears Lacanobia thalassina Pale-shouldered Brocade
Papestra biren Glaucous Shears Melanchra pisi Broom Moth
Mythimna comma Shoulder-striped Wainscot Cucullia umbratica Shark
Blepharita adusta Dark Brocade Acronicta rumicis Knot Grass
Rusina ferruginea Brown Rustic Euplexia lucipara Small Angle Shades
Hyppa rectilinea Saxon Apamea crenata Clouded-bordered Brindle
Apamea remissa Dusky Brocade Apamea sordens Rustic Shoulder-knot
Oligia fasciuncula Middle-barred Minor Pseudoips prasinana Green Silver-lines
Colocasia coryli Nut-tree Tussock Abrostola tripartita Spectacle
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