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Fort Augustus Moths - June 26 2016

Jean and Tony Denison own 12 acres of ground on the edge of Fort Augustus which they manage sympathetically for wildlife. The site contains a large area of oak and birch dominated woodland with luxuriant ground cover, including extensive patches of blueberry. There is also a wildflower meadow with orchids. The whole site is full of excellent moth habitat. The owners have a good bird and plant list for the site but no-one had previously looked for moths.

Six traps were run overnight of 25/26 June with conditions being perfect for midges – calm, warm, overcast and drizzly – and hence good for moths too. In the morning, only a handful of people turned up for the event but it was a case of quality not quantity, with two VC recorders, an ex-VC recorder and the Conservation Manager of Dundreggan Estate (Trees for Life) present.


Luckily, moths turned up in good numbers and during the course of the morning we notched up an incredible 77 species!! Highlights in terms of rarity were Marbled Brown, with only two previous records for the VC, and Valerian Pug. But there were plenty of cracking-but-not-so-rare moths, such as Elephant and Poplar Hawkmoths, Pebble Hook-tip, Gold and Map-winged Swifts, Peppered, Drinker, Beautiful Golden Y, Foxglove Pug and Birch Mocha.


After 3 hours going through the moth traps, with only a short break for coffee, we were thoroughly mothed-out but what a fantastic number of species we had seen. Full list below.


Brussels Lace                                                                              Marbled Brown

Brussels Lace  Marbled Brown

Valerian Pug

Valerian Pug



Acompsia cinerella

flame carpet

pebble hook-tip

Agriphila straminella

flame shoulder


beautiful golden Y

foxglove pug

Pinion-streaked snout

birch mocha

gold swift

Poplar hawkmoth

Blastobasis lacticolella

grass rivulet

poplar lutestring


green arches

purple bar


green carpet

purple clay

brown rustic

grey arches

riband wave

Brussels lace

grey pug

rustic shoulder-knot

Celypha lacunana

iron prominent

satin lutestring

Chrysoteuchia culmella


scalloped hazel

clouded border

large yellow underwing

scalloped hook-tip

clouded-bordered brindle        

Lathronympha strigana

Scoparia ambigualis

common carpet

lesser swallow prominent

silver-ground carpet

common lutestring

light emerald

small angle shades

common marbled carpet

map-winged swift

small phoenix

common wave

marbled brown

small square-spot

common white wave

marbled minor

smoky wainscot

coxcomb prominent

middle-barred minor

straw dot

Crambus lathoniellus

mottled beauty

Swammerdamia caesiella

Crambus pascuella

Notocelia cynosbatella

true lover's knot

dark brocade

Ocnerostoma friesei

valerian pug


Ocnerostoma piniariella

Welsh wave


Opostega salaciella

white ermine

Edinburgh pug

pale-shouldered brocade

white-shouldered house moth

elephant hawkmoth










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