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Landmark Adventure Park Moths - Sunday 15th July 2018

Landmark asked if BC could run a moth-trapping event near to their Butterfly House, to which I agreed. I set up three moth traps in the vicinity of the Butterfly House on the night of Saturday 14 July. Although there was good forest habitat next door, the area in which I set the traps was not inspiring – mainly Scots pines but with poor ground cover. In fact one of my traps, to one side of the Butterfly House, didn’t have any vegetation within about 20 metres of it. It was surrounded by gravel, rubbish bins and a Portaloo!

But I need not have worried. When we arrived on site Sunday morning, the place was alive with moths, probably pulled in from the better woodland habitat next door, and it turned out to be my best moth night of the year to date.

Hilary and I set up stall to the side of the Butterfly House entrance and collared visitors as they approached the House. Better that they saw the moths before going in because the mostly small and brown-ish moths didn’t bear comparison with the large, exotic, colourful butterflies that they were about to see! Hilary is much better with kids than me, so I left her to do most of the public engagement while I went through the traps and built up a good list! The grand total was 75 species which included a Nationally Scarce A (found in 16 - 30 10km squares in Britain) and three Nationally Scarce B’s (found in 31 - 100 10km squares). Full moth list below.

Pete Moore

Agriphila straminella

Dotted carpet

Marbled minor agg.


Dotted clay

Middle-barred minor

Apotomis turbidana

Double Square-spot

Mottled beauty

Argyresthia conjugella

Dusky brocade

Northern spinach

Argyresthia goedartella

Eana osseana

Phyllonorycter messaniella

Bactra lancealana

Eucosma cana

Plain clay (Nb)

Barred red

Eudonia lacustrata

Plain golden Y

Barred straw

Eudonia truncicolella

Plain wave

Beautiful Golden Y

Great brocade (Nb)

Purple bar

Bee moth

Green arches

Purple clay

Bird-cherry ermine

Green carpet

Riband wave

Blastobasis lacticolella

Green pug



Grey mountain carpet

Scalloped oak

Catoptria margaritella

Grey pine carpet

Scarce silver Y

Cedestis gysseleniella

Holly tortrix

Scoparia ambigualis

Celyha lacunana

Ingrailed clay

Silver Y

Chestnut-coloured carpet (Nb)

July highflyer

Silver-ground carpet

Clepsis consimilana

Juniper pug

Six-striped rustic

Clouded-bordered brindle

Large yellow underwing

Small dotted buff

Common carpet

Lempke's Gold-spot

Small square-spot

Common marbled carpet

Lesser Broad-bordered yellow underwing

Smoky wainscot

Cousin German (Na)

Lesser swallow prominent


Dark arches

Light emerald

True lover's knot

Denisia similella

Lozotaenia forsterana

Udea olivalis

Dioryctria abietella

Map-winged swift

Welsh wave


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