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Butterfly species

Butterflies for the New Millenium 2010 - 2014: Progress Maps

The current five-year round of recording for BNM is now more than half-way through. Over 14,000 butterfly records have been received and entered into our database. As usual, some parts of Highland Branch area have been very well recorded, others less so. We aim to achieve good overall record cover, to be able to track the ever-faster changes in our butterfly populations year on year.

The maps (PDF file, 520KB) show 10km-square records of our resident and regular migrant species received in the last 3 years. Certain areas remain under-recorded, particularly in Skye and the Small Isles, parts of Wester Ross, and central Sutherland. Anyone getting a chance to visit and record in these areas in the next two seasons could make a welcome contribution to filling in these gaps.

David Barbour former Highland Branch Butterfly Recorder

You can access the species pages by clicking on the links in the table below.

Resident and regular migrant species in Highland and Moray

Species Name

Scientific Name

UK BAP Status

Chequered Skipper

Carterocephalus palaemon

Priority Species

Dingy Skipper

Erynnis tages

Priority Species (added 2007)

Large White

Pieris brassicae

Not listed

Small White

Pieris rapae

Not listed

Green-veined White

Pieris napi

Not listed


Anthocharis cardamines

Not listed

Green Hairstreak

Callophrys rubi

Not listed

Purple Hairstreak

Neozephyrus quercus

Not listed

Small Copper

Lycaenas phlaeas

Not listed

Small Blue

Cupido minimus

Priority Species (added 2007)

Northern Brown Argus

Plebeius artaxerxes

Priority Species

Common Blue

Polyommatis icarus

Not listed

Red Admiral

Vanessa atalanta

Not assessed (migrant)

Painted Lady

Cynthia cardui

Not assessed (migrant)

Small Tortoiseshell

Aglais urticae

Not listed


Inachis io

Not listed

Comma Polygonia c-album Not listed

Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary

Boloria selene

Priority Species (added 2007)

Pearl-bordered Fritillary

Boloria euphrosyne

Priority Species

Dark Green Fritillary

Argynnis aglaja

Not listed

Marsh Fritillary

Euphydrias aurinia

Priority Species

Speckled Wood

Pararge aegeria

Not listed

Mountain Ringlet

Erebia epiphron

Priority Species (added 2007)

Scotch Argus

Erebia aethiops

Not listed


Hipparchia semele

Priority Species (added 2007)

Meadow Brown

Maniola jurtina

Not listed


Aphantopus hyperantus

Not listed

Small Heath

Coenonympha pamphilus

Priority Species (added 2007)

Large Heath

Coenonympha tullia

Priority Species (added 2007)


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